Welcome to Lemos Journey!

My name is Agata Lemos and I am the author the Lemos Journey. I am also a mother, daughter and wife. I currently live with my family in the UK, where I settled 12 years ago just after I got my master’s degree at the University of Westminster in London. I have always been interested in psychology, although I never decided to study it. I’m most lost in the topics of behavioural economics and political crime. So where does the financial topic come from? Growing up at home where money was just a normal subject. I remember the evening walks during which the taxes, brick and heating costs were discussed. Maybe that’s why I am in love with an excel spreadsheet and its possibilities. Or maybe because the topic of finance is very much related to emotions. In my adult life, I also saw poverty and its negative impact on women’s lives, although I did not experience it myself. I spent the vast majority of my childhood training ballroom and Latin dance. I earned my first money working as a fitness instructor while still in college. Currently, I work in the real estate sector.